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Proposal for a workshop




First day morning :
Presentation + showing my works, talking about the way of working and the activity during the workshop.
Creating photograms : "Body and objects".
Using parts of the body together with materials which I will supply like different kinds of transparent material (plastic), water, sand, oil, etc…

First day afternoon :
Photographes outside using a pin-hole camera with one hole on the theme : "Portrait"
Developing negatives and then positives.

Second day morning :
Creating photograms : with materials and objects (which students bring from home) together with parts of body
Working with hot water (chemical reaction on the photo paper), water with different colors (creating a selection of grays) and olive oil.
Then creating "calorigrams", using stones like granite and marbles (part of I will supply). The stones will be put in boiled water, then in hot developer and then on the photo paper.

Second day afternoon :
Photographing with 3 and 4 pin-holes.
Using boxes (of mine) to create a new effect (3 images on one paper, dissolving together).
Panorama (360°) using "4 pin-holes" camera.
Developing the negatives and the positives.

Third day morning :
Photograms with calorigrams :
Creation of a work where on the same paper will be a part of body together with anykind of materials (hand with stones, for example).
Developing the negatives and the positives.

Third day afternoon :
"Pinograms", a combination of using the pin-hole camera and photograms : puting objects or materials (beer glass, plastic, net, text on transparent material,…) inside the box against the photo paper.
The choice of the motive to photograph will be done concerning the material / object which is inside the box.
The result will be a new reality which is a combination of both techniques.

Fourth day morning (in the darkroom) :
"Naturograms": the sudents will create photograms of nature objects which they have collected before like leaves of trees, different plants, flowers, sand, insects,…
Developing the negatives and the positives.
During the processes of developing we will use different developers (strong, weak, light, hard) and different kinds of brushes. This will create new textures and we can add new ppinformations to the motive.

Fourth day afternoon (in the darkroom) :
Using the bleach and sepia tone to change our motive and to add new structures.
Layer of colors.
Working with different brushes and objects.
Using color (ecoline of talens) to color the clear part of the image.

The program of 4 days workshop can be adopted to anykind of time table possible.
It is just to give you an idea of the activity that will pass during the workshop.
The workshop activity is depending on the time table.