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Camera Obscura

These Latin words mean "dark room" and refer to a simple technique that provides the possibility to photograph a light-drawn image as seen on the inner walls of a closed room.

atelier 2_D_.jpgWith the discovery of the photographic process, the Camera Obscura became a pin-pole camera.


The Camera Obscura technique is important, especially to the young generation in developing the imagination by using recycled material, constructing their own optical machine and leading to the ultimate adventure of seeing reality from inside the camera!

For adults it is a new way of creating exciting and original images without using any electronic buttons ...

Working with photo emulsion, drawing and photographing with Camera Obscura, making photograms, stenograms and cliche-verre are the main activities of these workshops, which can take place almost anywhere!

Our centre continues to develop this technique and to collect and exchange information for everyone who is interested in this method of creating their own images.

Since 1981 Ilan Wolff has specialised in creating photographs using the Camera Obscura technique with cameras made from old boxes or cans. camion.jpg
Nowadays he mainly uses his van and ordinary room interiors to create large images.

Since 1993 Ilan Wolff has been giving regular workshops in the technique of photography with the Camera Obscura and using photographic emulsion to create images on different surfaces.
Ilan Wolff also undertakes photographic projects for artistic and commercial purposes.